Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All Things Manire 2.0

I've been asked why I had taken down one of my family trees. I replied that I had found a bunch of mistakes and it was easier to take it down and redo it (mostly from scratch) so I could verify my information more. I have tons and tons of notes that I'm slowly going thru. Especially then I tend to find I have multiply copies of the same notes. I really don't need multiply copies LOL.

I have the Family Tree Maker software that links up with Ancestry.com. I can start my tree in my software and then link it to Ancestry.com so that when I make changes it automatically does it on Ancestry or vice versa. Currently I'm working on the All Things Manire 2.0 Family Tree. As you can see in the title I'm putting up any information I find dealing with the Manire/Manier name. I'm trying to link as many of the families together as I can. I'm adding my own little notes on the Ancestry side about the events that I have documented there. I'm adding pictures and as many documents as I have found (which is hundreds it seems).

So far I've recorded all the Manire's with first names starting with the Letter A... including parents and spouses if I have the info. I have about 369 names so far. I still have letters B - Z to get thru. It will be interesting to see how many names I end up with at the end of the Alphabet.

I like puzzles and this is like a huge big puzzle. I like when I can find stuff that other people haven't found. I've been told I've kinda become one of the official Family Researchers.. well at least to some. And that's kewl. It's fun to help others find information about their family.

Right now as i'm still adding information to the Manires 2.0 so I have it as a Private tree that doesn't show up in the search engine on Ancestry.com. I hope to release it to the search engine as soon as I've gotten at least all the Manire names in and have as many of the people linked up in families as I can.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Susan Manire vs. Addie Manire

It's quite a mystery that I've been trying to figure out. I was looking at the children I have listed for Edmund Henry Manire and Elizabeth Jane Sharber. Many times I come back to Susan and Addie. Here's what I've been able to gather so far and what I speculate.

Edmund and Elizabeth had about 10 to 11 children depending...

- Sarah Frances
- Mary J. "Mollie"
- Marsha Elizabeth "Betty"
- Thomas F. "Tom"
- Adner E. "Addie"
- Susan
- Edmund Henry
- James Madison
- John Primm
- Virgie Ann
- Judie Belle

For the longest time we got Sarah Frances and Susan mixed up. Both are S names and Sarah was born about 1849 and Susan was born about 1860. There were alot of name changes and birth date changes on the Censuses that makes it hard. We have figured out that Sarah and Susan are 2 different children as both were listed together on the 1860 Census.

But now we have the problem with Susan and Addie. According to the 1860 Census, Susan was 1 month old. The Census was taken July 6, 1860, so Susan was likely born around May or June of 1860 in Marshall County, Tennessee.

Skip to the 1870 Census in the 9th Civil District for Marshall County, Tennessee. Okay we should see both Susan and Addie correct? When I looked at the 1870 Census there is no Susan listed with the family. She should be about 10 or 11 years old by now. Instead on the census there is Addie E. Manire who is 10 years old. So now I'm wondering, could Susan actually be Addie E. Manire and vice versa? There is no other record for Susan Manire. We do see Addie on another census with the family.

Poor Addie has had a lot of problems with her name. I believe this is how I'm seeing it so far on Documents:

Addie E. - Ada - Adner E. Manier

I can speculate on it until I'm blue in the face but we may never really know. So for now Susan is some "semi-unknown" child of  Edmund and Elizabeth who was born around May or June of 1860 and probably died before the 1870 Census.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ella Manire

Supervisor District No. 3, Enumeration District No. 196

Schedule 5 - Person who have died during the year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in 8th Civil District, in the county of Rutherford , Tennessee.   - Samuel H. Scales, Enumerator

Line 11 - Ella Manire     1 year old Female, listed as "Black", born in Tennessee as was her parents. She died in January 1880 from Cholera Infantum. She had been in the Rutherford County her whole life of 1 year.

* Interestingly enough the attending Doctor was none other than Dr. Amasa W. Manire.

Monday, November 9, 2015

William Andrew Manire

William Andrew Manire was born November 13, 1962 to William Francis Manire and Mary Doran. He was 19 days old when he died in a local hospital following a short illness on December 2, 1962. He was buried in the Fairview Park Cemetery in New Mexico on December 3, 1962.

The Albuquerque Tribune   December 3, 1962  Page A-2

Monday, May 19, 2014

North Texas Normal College

I was again playing on Ancestry.com looking for anything new on my Great-grandpa James Alton Manire. I came across a 1916 yearbook for North Texas Normal School  .. "The Yucca" it was called. It showcased James Alton Manire's name under the Organizations...  the Montague County Club. It also listed 2 of his brothers, Charles and Ira.

Knowing how yearbooks usually work I wondered if there was any class pictures of the 3 brothers. I scoured the pages (and there were alot of them) until I found Charles in the upper class men pictures. Ira and James were both in the Freshman class for Language.

It's really kewl to see the old pictures of them in their late teens. And it's interesting how much my grandpa looked like his father James Alton Manire.

This was a awesome find but not nearly as awesome as finding the info for Miss Peggy Marie Manire (Grandpa's lil sister), but that's another story.

** side note:  There was an Ivan Coleman (female) also in the yearbook. She was also a member of the Montague County Club. Could this be the daughter of Martha Elizabeth Manire and J. B. Coleman? Supposedly Arthur C. Manire and "Aunt Jenny" went to collect the Coleman children when Martha died in 1906. Ivan would be James' cousin I believe.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Census Hunt

I was working on a project for a cousin. I had come to my Great great-grandfather Arthur Cornelious Manire. I was looking at the info I had for him. I only had censuses for him from 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920. I knew he lived until 1949. What about the 1930 and 1940 censuses?

Well I went on to Ancestry.com and plugged in the information I had in the search engine. I couldn't find Arthur. I tried different spellings and using "Wildcards". There wasn't anything remotely close for Arthur. I tried looking up his brother and sister William Archibald and Emma Virginia Manire, who lived with him sometimes. I couldn't find them either.

I had their death certificates. So I went back and looked at Emma's and Arthur's. Emma died in Forestburg, Montague County, Texas in 1936. So I knew she was would be on the 1930 Census. She was also hemiplegic so chances are she'd be with Arthur still. It also stated that she had lived in that area about 37 years. So she should be in the Forestburg, Montague County, Texas area on the Census. Luckily on Ancestry.com I can look at a census page by page if I know the state, county, and city. I looked at the previous census to guess on the precinct or district number. The 2nd page I went to view had them there... so I have the 1930 census. The indexer had them listed as MA?lal instead of Manire.

So I wanted to find the 1940 census also. I looked at Arthur's death certificate. He died in Lubbock County, Texas, but had only been there a few years. So he wasn't living in Lubbock at the time of the census. So I looked for the Montague County Census. There were only a few cities/towns listed and OTHER. St. Jo was one that was listed but I didn't think that was it. It's another family that lived in St. Jo at one time. So I went to the Other... I scrolled down until I came to one that came to edge of Forestburg. There were 2 of them and I wasn't sure which one. I started with the first one... I started going thru the pages 1 by 1. Finally about page 15 I found him with his oldest son's family. Which was kewl since I never had anything with Harry and his wife or kids together. The family was listed under the name Marine instead of Manire.

I was soo elated to find the censuses and fill in some more information.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

1880 Non-Population Census in Tennessee

I was on Ancestry.com not long ago when I came across a Amada W.Manire listed on an 1880 Non-population Census (it's like an Agriculture Census instead). I had to go look at it because the name was similar to one I knew but not the same. I found I was right... It was Amasa W. Manire. And also listed on the adjoining page was John W. Manire, Stephen Bennett, Manerva O. Hays, and Lem Sen Manire,

This Agriculture Census that had some of my ancestors listed was for Rutherford County, Tennessee. It had many interesting things on it like:

  • Was farm owned by them, worked by them for rent, or worked by them for part of crops.
  • Value of farm and(or) machinery and farming implements.
  • Did they have any farm labor and how much was paid towards farm labor.
  • How many horses and how many mules/asses.
  • How many cattle and the movement of the cattle (how many were sold, bought, died, slaughtered)
  • How much butter was produced
  • How many Sheep and lambs were on the farm. And the movement of them like the cattle.
  • How much fleece.
  • How many swine (Pigs).
  • How many Chickens and other poultry. 
  • How many dozens of eggs were collected in a year.
  • What kind and how much "Cereals" were grown like (Indian Corn and Wheat)
  • If had crops like Flax or cotton and how much was grown.
  • If made any sugars, Cane, Sorghum, or Maple.
  • If they grew potatoes, sweet potatoes, or tobacco and how much.
  • Did they have orchards. What kind of fruit trees did they have and how much.
  • Did they have nurseries? The value...
  • Did they have vineyards? The value...
  • Did they have Market Gardens? The value...
  • Did they keep bees? How much honey? How much wax?
  • How much wood was cut? Value of the wood products sold or consumed in the year...
It goes a long way to helping to round out the story of how our ancestors lived. And I recently came across a few other family members who were listed on the 1880 non-population census also on another page. I will haveto add they names here as soon as I can...